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wildliferemovalwashingtondc | wildliferemovalwashingtondc

Wildlife Removal in Washington DC

Raccoons, Possums, Birds, Snakes Bats. We Even Remove Foxes And More!

Washington’s Wildlife Removal Service

We Easily Remove and Relocate All Sorts of Wildlife in the Washington DC Area

Let us help you breathe easy again by removing invading wildlife!

James captured a raccoon and removed this pest in washington DC

Ask Yourself: “Do I Need Wildlife Removal?”

  • If you have nests of critters in your attic, basement or walls, let’s get them removed.
  • Noticeable holes in your roof, foundation or walls from raccoons or squirrels.
  • Electrical problems and fire hazzard from chewed wires by ‘coons, squirrels, rats and mice.
  • Birds nests in you ventilation, attic or another potentially harmful or annoying place.
  • Bats or signs of bats at your home.
  • Fox burrows, gopher holes and many other wildlife signs that are causing property damage, potential harm to children and pets and more!

Nest Wildlife Removal Services in Washington DC is Your Best Solution!

We all live in a natural world, but we, as humans, tend to try and drive out the natural world from our homes. When we do that, the critters and creatures around us tend to become pesky, problematic pests.

Raccoons and squirrels will tear up your attic and wiring on your home. Birds bats and other creatures will tear holes through your roof. Even foxes and other creatures have been known to nest in and on our property.

Although these creatures have their place in the natural world, when they collide with our neighborhood, we want them out for all the reasons: property damage, health and safety.

We treat mouse and rat control differently. Go here to read about Mice control service.

Please note, we do not provide services for domestic animals. Thanks!

raccoon face

These beady eyes are considering different entry points to your home. Raccoons can really destroy property fast. We can remove them.

Raccoon Removal in Washington, DC

Trash pandas have a habit of making a mess and not cleaning up after themselves. They also carry some diseases and are particularly nasty if cornered. Add to that their destructive nature will nesting in attics, crawlspaces and other cozy spots near your home and you ‘ll agree: raccoon removal is needed.


Possum removal, fox relocation and other larger mammals.

Whether they are disease-ridden or destructive, these creatures can pose a threat to you and your family. Nest Pest Control’s wildlife removal service can help you breathe easy again by relocating these creatures to the wilds..

possum in a tree near Washington DC

Opossums are fierce creatures that can carry disease and make a mess of your yard..

Houston bed bugs on sofa

Playful, cute and a menace to your home. We remove squirrels.

Squirrel Control

Although cute, these rodents can play havoc on your home. Chewing wires, chewing holes through ceilings (see our story down the page), eating the bird seed you placed out and so much more.

We trap them and remove them to better locations. Sometimes we just exterminate them. Regardless of what needs to be done, we will remove these critters from your place of residence.


Bird and Bird Nest Removal

Birds get stuck in dryer vents, vents for the attic and other places that tend to be relatively quiet and away from predators. Birds also tend to build nests in house eaves, gables and even rain gutters.

If you have a bird trapped where it can’t get out or a nest in the wrong place, call Nest Pest Control to remove it.


bed bugs on mattress in houston texas

These little sparrows needed to be removed once they could fly away. We cleaned the nest out and placed a deterrent to keep them away.

brown bat near Washington DC

Bats can eat up to 1000 insects per hour! But they can also be quite the nuisance if they roost in your house.

Bat Removal & Control

Bats are great creatures for keeping down natural pests, but if they start roosting in your home, they can become pests on their own. We take pains to remove them and use different chemical mixtures like peppermint oil or other chemicals to help deter them from coming back. Though bats are notorious for ignoring most pest control efforts, we have been pretty successful at removing bat colonies.

Call Nest for Snake Removal in Washington.

Most of the time snakes will move off on their own. However, if they have nested in your property, they can be terribly difficult to remove on their own. Plus, if they are venomous, like the cottonmouth in the picture, they can potentially be dangerous to your family.


eastern cottonmouth on leaves
I found this cottonmouth while on a run. It is venomous, but not particularly aggressive. If you have a snake staying at your home, we can remove it for you.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Some great testimonials prove we do a good job at all types of pest control, including wildlife removal.

Ray Duncan
Ray Duncan
Nest Wildlife came out and got rid of my squirrel problem they found the entry point and closed it off the price was responsible and the service was great
Beverly Jackson
Beverly Jackson
Sorry it took so long to send in this review of this superior technician. He was always on time and responsive to our concerns. It has been a while since he was here and there has been no pest activity. Thank you so much.
Jo Clark-Booker
Jo Clark-Booker
Caught these hackers trying to change the name of my phone. I have been a PANEL MEMBER OF NEILSEN RATINGS AND HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A DIME. NOW THEY ARE TRYING TO BLOCK YOU!
Roy Brown
Roy Brown
We had a squirrel in our attic we called Nest wildlife Control they came the same day put down the Trap and 3 hours later the squirrels was trapped Nest Wildlife Is For Real will recommend them to anyone
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Nest Pest Control is Washington’s Choice for Wildlife Removal.

We have been removing wildlife in the Washington DC area for more than 2 decades.

We continuously train, and have great experience in, removing wildlife.

We also close up the entry point holes and prevent further damage to your home from those wild animals.

Did you know…

No wildlife removal service is complete without fixing the ways they wildlife get into your house. Whether it’s a bird getting stuck in a vent or a raccoon nesting in. your attic, the entry points need to be closed up so they don’t return. Not all pest control companies do this, but we do and it helps keep wildlife from coming back in the future. Of course nothing is foolproof with creatures who are just trying to survive in any way they can, but we do everything possible to prevent their return.

The below picture is of James, the owner of Nest Pest Control, closing up entry points where both birds and raccoons were getting in and destroying the attic space in this home. Now the home owner can breathe a little easier again knowing that the wildlife can’t return easily.  The second picture is an example of one entry point that was closed up and the third picture is of James after he caught a raccoon that was destroying a house. We released it into a wild area a dozen or so miles away.


fixing a wildlife entry point on a washington dc area home
hole in roof due to wildlife entry near washington dc
James captured a raccoon and removed this pest in washington DC


You might have a question or two about us, or wildlife control, or just pest control in general. Here are a few questions people have asked us before. If you have anything else you want to know, just call and ask!

What types of wildlife do you catch?

Being a wildlife removal expert means simply that if a creature that doesn’t normally have a collar or bell on, and lives in the wild, we can capture it. This includes bats, squirrels, gophers, rats, mice, raccoons, possums, foxes, birds and the like.

Unfortunately, we are not equipped for larger animals like deer, though we can help with deterrents, usually. Also we do NOT remove large dead animals. Sometimes we can, but we will charge you a hefty fee. Be warned!

Why is Nest Pest Control the right company for wildlife removal?
The reason we are the right company to call comes down to three things:

We have Experience

We’ve caught, killed, trapped, poisoned and otherwise controlled every conceivable pest in Washington DC, including wildlife, thousands of times.

Fair Pricing & Great Service

Our prices are good and our service is great! Experience the difference of Nest Pest Control.

Dedicated Service with a Smile

We know you could get pest control from many places, many of which are very good, too. And we appreciate your willingness to use our services. We are simply here to help you get an outstanding experience and overall good wildlife removal results.

When you use Nest Pest Control for any of our services, you are getting top tier experience and knowledge, but also a person who is happy to be there helping you out!

Who will answer when I call Nest Pest Control?

Almost always the phone will be answered by James, the owner. 

If James cannot answer, for whatever reason, one of his dispatchers will answer the phone and answer of all your questions, set up appointment times and make sure you are taken care of well.

Who is the owner of Nest Services?
James Williams has owned Nest Services for more than a decade. He started in pest control services some 20+ years ago and after a few years, he and a coworker started their own pest control business. After a few more years, the coworker decided to do a different career entirely and James has been running the pest control show ever since. Read more here

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